October 21, 2011

My New BFF

I have discussed in my previous blog about my BFFs in the entire universe. But I wanted to make this blog for my new found friend named Rachel Roxas-Yapchiongco. She is the wife of Jules, my husband's barkada. Let's just say that we have differences like she could speak english so fluently, she went to exclusive schools. I could say a typical KOLEHIYALA (I hope she will not be mad after reading the last description, *wink*) On my part, I could speak english but not that fluently, I attended private-catholic school and most of all not-so-typical kolehiyala. I could be jologs sometimes and speak gay lingo.

But we clicked. Maybe at first we were not that at ease PA with each other but what I am impressed the most is that she tried to reach out to me and my husband. And as I got to know her, she is to befriend, hindi siya ma-ere. I, on the other hand, impressed her when she saw the scrapbook of my wedding and the things my eldest daughter received during her baptismal. Now we have something in common, we both love doing DIY projects. hehehe!
When she became a mother herself, I believe our friendship went beyond the typical friendship. Since we are both mothers already, there are times that what we talked about are our respective children. She is one good hell of a mother ( I could prove that) and wife as well. Rachel was the one who inspired and introduced me to the world I am beginning to enjoy, BLOGGING.

Lately, we have been tweeting a lot, minsan may sense but most of the time WALA. Lately, i really laughed at her tweets, kasi super aliw. And in my tweets that she have seen how feisty I am as a wife. (*wink*)

We may have our respective BFFs but in this stage of my life, I would love to have another
BFF in my list, and that name would be Rachel's.

that's Rachel (in yellow blouse) my new BFF....


  1. Hi Grech. Thanks for featuring me on your blog. Touch naman ako. I also appreciate your friendship. I admire you as a mom and wife. You're very dedicated and your family is blessed to have you. I also admire your frankness and your "palaban" attitude especially if it involves the people you love.

    Natawa ako dun sa "kolehiyala" thing. Pasensiya ka na girl, minsan talaga maarte ako magsalita. hahah!!!

    I'm happy that you are getting more followers on your blog. I hope you continue to enjoy blogging and meeting new friends.

  2. @Heart of Rachel: i am so glad that you liked my blog. hahaha! ndi ka naman maarte mag salita. hahaha! you're soft spoken...thanks for taking some of your very precious time in reading my blog...thanks again for the gift of friendship... :D

  3. wow what a coincidence sis, Rachel is an online friend since 2006...we would always constantly bloghop. How can I forget his "Yohanism" siguro big boy na si Yohan nya

  4. @Cielo of Brown Pinay: hello! I am one of your followers as well... yup rachel is one of my BFFs and she is one good friend. yes her son is a big boy now...thanks for dropping by here at my blog...i really appreciate it so much... :D

  5. It's hard to find a true BFF! It's nice na nakatagpo ka sa katauhan ni Rachel.

  6. @anney: thanks for reading my blog. yup i'm one lucky girl to have rach as my bff.


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