October 28, 2011

My Favorite Photos

Here are some of my favorite photos:

1. Of course ndi mawawala ang wedding picture namin.
this was 13 years ago at the Archbishop's Palace
here in Lipa City.

2. This memorable because it is our
very first family outing kahit dito lang
ito sa Laiya Batangas. We all had a grand time.

3. This was a few months ago. I just love
seeing tatay (as we fondly call Francis)
playing with his 3 girls sa timezone.

4. And of course my latest favorite photo.
taken at Nuvali just few weeks ago.
These 3 girls are our ultimate treasures
in the entire universe.


  1. You have a lovely family, Mommy, and the photos you shared are priceless. Happy MM! Here's my entry: http://www.pensivethoughts.com/2011/10/mommy-moments-mommy%E2%80%99s-favorite-photos.html

  2. @Tetcha: thanks for looking at my fave pics. hehehe! you have a beautiful son which I believe you simply adore. :D

  3. photos are reminders of the past that will never really come back and you have captured them so nicely!

    happy MM!

  4. lovely girls indeed...mana sa nanay!

    hope you can also take a peek at my favorite pictures

  5. @Mom from Manila: thanks for reading and for looking at my fave pics. hehehe! mana ba sa nanay?! thanks....you're the very first one to say it so. hahaha! thanks for dropping by here at my blog. :))

  6. You got three beautiful girls right there, Mommy! Blessed mom! :)

    Visiting late for MM! Hope you don't mind. :)


  7. @Rcel: thanks for the nice comment. yup i'm blessed with these 3 girls...i believe lahat ng parents blessed pag may kids... :)

  8. oh, your three little princesses look adorable :)

  9. @march on: hello! thanks for the compliment. thanks for dropping by and looking at my blog...appreciate it so much... :D

  10. beautiful photos :D thanks for sharing them with us! :D each one tells a special story of your life :)

  11. @Chris: thanks for liking it...i'm glad to share these fave photos of mine... :D


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