October 5, 2011

My Top 5 Favorite Chocolates

I just thought of putting my own list of favorites here in my blog. Why Wednesday? To be frank I really don't know. So for my first Wednesday's Top 5 it's all about my favorite chocolate bar/candy. Yes I am a chocoholic, as in. So here are my Top 5 Favorite brands.
1. TWIX - Lately have rediscovered this chocolate bar after a long time. In a pack it has 2 bars in it. It is a chocolate coated bar with wafer in the middle and caramel. Eating a pack of this chocolate makes my day.

2. KIT KAT - I do love this chocolate bar candy. Eating the four-finger bars is enough for me to keep my energy up.

3. MALTESERS - Chocolate coated candy in a round shape with wafers inside. I love the sweetness of this candy. But 4 to 5 pieces is enough to keep me going.

4. 3 MUSKETEERS - This chocolate candy bar has caramel in between and it is so chewy that is why I love this as well.
5. CLOUD 9 - A local brand chocolate coated with caramel, nougat and peanuts. Even if it is locally made I love this one and it could compete with the imported brands.

How about you, what are your top 5 chocolate candy/bar?

*all the pictures placed here are from Google images*

NOTE: all the views expressed here are solely mine. I hope that you will
respect my point of view. And if you have any comments or views please don't
hesitate to comment and I will respect your comments as well....Thank You!

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