October 27, 2011

Mom I'm a cow kasi

A while ago I told my daughter to stand up kasi magdudumi na naman yung knees niya. Ginagaya kasi niya yung nasa vcd niya na Hi-5. The person is doing the cow thing. So si Amaya naman luhod kasi ginagaya nga niya. So I screamed already to stand up, to think she took her bath already. So stand up naman ang bunso....Eto na ang maganda, after a few minutes, I saw her again nakaluhod, this time, hinila na niya yung shorts niya up to her knees. O hindi nga naman madudumihan ang knees niya, good luck naman sa paglalaba.... *toink*


  1. ha!ha! It's so funny how she found a way to justify her action.

  2. @Heart of Rachel: hahaha! mautak yang si amaya girl. hahaha!


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